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The Beauty Assassin

Crystal Clear Skin Bundle

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This bundle is perfect for those with oily, acne prone skin! It includes:

Pure Beauty Cleanser: Which is packed with chamomile, coconut milk, honey and aloe. Giving it natural healing powers due to antioxidants, anti inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredients nature it gently fights acne without stripping your skin.

Glow serum: You have right here at your fingertips a treatment serum that is deeply and heavily infused with ingredients that calm, soothe, balance and smooth angry skin. ingredients include things like niacinamide for redness, vitamin C for the natural glow and retinol/salicylic and to unclog pores

H2O Hydration Gel: This moisturizer infuses thirsty skin with hyaluronic acid and plant stem cells for nonstop, visible plumping hydration.